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The right time and place

Healing is the art of living in love, Najil, it’s your home, the way back to your center.

We are in a place that is surrounded by ancestral energy combined with the elixir of life that is nature, we know that in a world of distraction losing ourselves is part of the process, that’s why our wellness center is designed to take advantage of force and direct it towards your physical and spiritual healing.

Dynamic and aerobic yoga flow. An ancient tool that has numerous benefits, among them, teaching you to communicate with your body, connect with your breath, relax, work on your flexibility, stay in shape and be in the present moment so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest. Inhale the freshness. Namaste

Next to the crystal clear water and the magic of the Cenote.

The Cenotes were considered by the Mayan culture sacred sites, the communication channel with the water gods.

Yoga by the sea
The sound of the waves produces a calming effect and a feeling of peace in our being, just as enjoying the fresh ocean air helps us breathe better and relax the mind. The practice of Vinyasa yoga in front of the sea will help you flow with nature, filling you with the wonderful energy of the sun.


Shiatsu massage
A touch of healing, through the well-known alternative medicine originating in Japan, we will be able to locate those sorrows, dissolving, resulting in a better flow of energy and health.

Shiatsu massage with energy balance + acupuncture
Detoxifies body, soul and mind. This treatment will bring you to the present, you will release anxiety, stress, tension, you will let go of everything that damages your being, relaxing and filling you with vitality.

Shiatsu massage + cupping
Used since the oldest Chinese dynasties, cupping has been applied as a treatment to promote blood circulation, decrease inflammation, pain, disperse coldness, and detoxify. In combination with a healing massage, a true liberating experience for our body.

Functional training

The strength of the spirit contributes to the resistance of the body, in our functional training session you will know where your physical power can go, at the same time you will receive the magnificent benefits of doing these outdoor activities in front of the sea.

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